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ALDEC G2. Smart Decanter

Exceeding expectations

Innovative decanter centrifuge Alfa Laval Aldec G2 has surpassed all expectations on the quality of dehydration, providing performance, is nearly 30 % above, than the previous generation of decanters.

The entire line has a compact modular design, wherein all parts, come into contact with the sediment, made of wear-resistant materials. This ensures reliable, continuous operation and easy control of the process.

Easy to operate, easy to achieve results


The unique properties of ALDEC G2 make it easy to cope with a wide range of tasks:

• handling of large quantities of sediment from the best quality

• better performance in comparison with other systems

• Better process control

• High level of protection against wear

• low maintenance costs

• low energy consumption

• Low running costs

• significant cost savings, spent on removal of sediment

Option packages

In some cases, economies of sludge treatment requires

additional use of one or more special options packages.

You can choose from the following packages:

• Package options for improved dewatering – provides even more dry cake and lower costs for sludge disposal.

• Earn extra protection against wear – can significantly reduce maintenance costs through more wear-resistant materials. It, in turn, increases service intervals.

• Extended service package provides ease of maintenance, saving, thereby, your time.

• Advanced Management Pack – Additional control system, provide additional functionality and high degree of automation

Principle of operation

Separation occurs in a horizontal cylindrical drum, equipped with a screw conveyor. The feed liquid enters the drum through a stationary feed pipe and smoothly accelerates the input rotor. Centrifugal forces cause the deposition of solid particles on the wall of the drum. The conveyor rotates in the same direction, and that the drum, but at a different speed, thereby moving the solid particles in the conical portion of the drum. New design ALDEC G2 allows for greater dryness of cake thanks to the increased hydraulic pressure inside the drum. Only the dry fraction of the cake out of the drum through openings for discharging solid. Separation occurs along the entire length of the cylindrical portion of the drum, and the treated liquid leaves the drum, flowing through the drain adjustable window.

Process optimization

To meet the specific requirements of a job decanter centrifuge can be adjusted by changing the:

• the rotational speed of the drum for separation factor G, required for optimal separation;

• a screw speed to provide the optimum relation between the purity of the liquid and dry solids;

• depth of the liquid, in the drum, to ensure a balance between liquid clarity and dry cake;

• feed rate: decanter centrifuge ALDEC G2 is designed to operate over a wide range of flow rates.


Decanter ALDEC G2 is designed with an emphasis on high performance, easy access, reliability and low noise levels.

The rotating assembly is based on a compact welded hollow frame with main bearings at both ends. Built-in main drive engine installed in the decanter on the flanges or mounted on a stand and is equipped with an adjustable bracket to adjust the belt tension. The drum is driven in the conical end portion by means of an electric motor with belt drive. Drum, screw, housing, inlet pipe, Port of discharge and other details, in contact with the process fluid, made of stainless steel and stainless steel L316 Duplex.

Direct Drive

Direct-drive system, integrated into ALDEC G2, was specifically designed to provide

automatic speed control screw. This provides an optimum ratio between liquid and dry purity particulate regardless of any changes, that may occur in the feed stream. Direct drive consists of a new type of gearbox and variable frequency drive, which reduces the effects of stray currents braking drum drive.

This simplifies wiring and minimizes energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Кроме того, Direct drive is able to provide precise control over the full range of differential speeds without changing belts and pulleys.

Control Systems

Alpha A Service provides a wide range of management solutions decanters ALDEC G2, starting from the base panel to fully automated process control systems dehydration.

Advanced central controller

Each decanter G2 in the base has a central controller G2. The central controller controls the direct drive so, that his work was adequate current concentration of NE in the drum. The central controller G2 also monitors a wide range of parameters, relating to the operation of the centrifuge, to provide a simple, safe and reliable operation, even at maximum loads. With its color screen, the wait staff has full access to information about the process, Statistics and maintenance. Management system also allows extensive option packages: of an integrated system of process optimization dehydration Octopus, control equipment, the system service module Cosmos, designed for continuous analysis of the needs of service, designed to prevent unwanted damage and shutdown.

Technical data


Декантеры ALDEC G3

A whole new level of technology

Decanter centrifuges series ALDEC G3 – a new generation of equipment, designed to significantly improve the standards of performance standards process and the impact on the environment compared to previous generations of similar installations.

Decanter centrifuge ALDEC G3 is great for dehydration, which plays an important role in the preservation of the environment. The innovative design of the centrifuge always gives the best performance, with simultaneous reduction of the total energy consumption depending on the actual flow rate can reach 40 %. A significant reduction in energy consumption leads to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

Used in ALDEC G3 the most advanced technological solutions ensure reliability and continuity of its work, as well as energy savings, higher productivity and efficiency.

Reducing energy consumption

In developing the decanter centrifuge ALDEC G3 primary focus was to take into account simultaneously the three parameters – performance, reliability and environmental.

Slimline design type contributes to a significant improvement of the treatment of solid particles, achieve maximum performance, and lower consumption of energy in any mode.

The drum is equipped with a special system of Power Plates, which allows to transform and use hydraulic energy of the fluid to further reduce energy consumption, and a unique control system 2Touch allows easy and error free optimization of process parameters.

graphg3Using the Octopus, leading measurement and monitoring of key parameters of the process of dehydration and their continuous adjustment for maximum performance decanter, in virtually all cases reduces the overall costs of dewatering.

Optimization of process parameters

Such features ALDEC G3, as an enlarged cone angle and a conveyor with progressively increasing pitch, together with a barrage drive unique design provide excellent performance characteristics. Measurement of torque using strain gauges provides extremely precise torque values, that helps to optimize the operation of the decanter.

For specific requirements of the process has the following parameters decanters ALDEC G3:

• speed of rotation of the drum – to achieve the separation factor, providing the most efficient separation;

• rotational speed of the conveyor – to achieve an optimal balance between liquid clarity and dry dewatered sludge;

• the liquid level in the drum – to achieve an optimal balance between liquid clarity and dry dewatered sludge;

• Performance – decanter ALDEC G3 can operate in a wide range of flow rates of sediment.

Inside the drum decanter ALDEC G3 creates hydraulic pressure, can promote through the constriction between the barrage and the wall of the drum drive. In this case, from the drum through circumferentially spaced holes unloaded only the driest fraction of the sediment.

The separation process takes place along the entire length of the cylindrical portion of the drum. Special design Slimline further enhances bandwidth. The clarified liquid leaves the drum, flowing through the drain adjustable window.

Construction Slimline

shnek2Application in ALDEC G3 type design Slimline significantly increases bandwidth and provides the best possible performance to date for decanter centrifuges.

Система Power Plates

System Power Plates specially developed Alfa Laval to effectively reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process by reducing the speed of the withdrawn liquid.

Part of the kinetic energy of the liquid withdrawn from the decanter is selected and forwarded so, to facilitate the rotation of the drum. This reduces the velocity of the withdrawn liquid and, respectively, reduce the overall energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption also helps ensure compliance with new environmental standards and to maintain the stability of the environment.

Octopus system to minimize operating costs

Microprocessor automatic control system Octopus is designed specifically for use in the process of dewatering. It is great to work with decanters ALDEC G3.

Octopus provides continuous round the clock monitoring of the dewatering system, tracking even the smallest deviations of the parameters, and, using modern software- implemented algorithms, performs all the necessary adjustments to maintain peak performance processing. Octopus system also allows the maximum to minimize the total cost of dehydration.


Increased ease of use

The unique design of decanters ALDEC G3 series provides:

• low energy consumption, thereby reducing C02 emissions into the atmosphere;

• almost 10% greater productivity sludge treatment as compared with the equipment of the same size;

• reducing costs throughout the life of;

• increased efficiency of processing biosolids;

• improved process control;

• lower costs for maintenance and operation

2Touch – management system to world standards

All decanters series ALDEC G3 in the standard version are installed and tested at the factory set control 2Touch. Use ALDEC G3 decanter set 2Touch achieves the best possible performance with minimal installation, launch, operation and maintenance.

To set 2Touch available the following additional funds, increase the efficiency of management:

• maintenance facilities and training, including access to technical descriptions online, as well as videos for routine maintenance

• maintenance kits for remote control, rapid elimination of faults and messaging

• Cosmos diagnostic system for the implementation of an in-depth analysis of the needs for maintenance, serving for the prevention of major unplanned downtime.

Dimensions and technical data


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