Production and procurement
of food equipment
Alfa L Service

Alfa L Service:

- Produces equipment based on modular designs
- Engineering, production and maintenance of heating units
- It supplies, installs and integrates equipment
- Develops its own software
- Designs and calculates optimal production solutions
- Is a distributor of the world's leading equipment manufacturers
- provides service support and maintenance
- Modernizes existing production facilities using modern world standards and process design solutions.

Alfa L Service is the first Russian company received accreditation for the supply, installation and technical support of AlfaLaval separators in the dairy industry.

Our goal is the creation of the latest and modernization of obsolete facilities to modern world standards with energy-efficient solutions and high quality products..

Concern "Alfa L Service" was founded in 1998 and is one of the leaders in the supply of technological equipment in the Russian Federation, manufactures and supplies high-tech equipment to the Russian market for

food undustry: 

- dairy food
- exit-juice
- beer and soft drinks
- fat and oil
- liqueurs and spirits
- non-food industry

non-food undustry: 

- perfume and cosmetic production
- energy-efficient
- chemical
- environmental

Alfa L Service employees are more than 200 people who contribute to the success of the company's customers.