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Инвестиционный проект
 Investment project with Lebedyanmoloko OOO

Investment project with Lebedyanmoloko OOO

24 / 02 / 2019

During the Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn", the administration of the Lipetsk region, Lebedyanmoloko OOO and Alfa L Service OOO signed a tripartite agreement, the subject of which is the organization of interaction between the parties in the joint implementation of an investment project in the territory of the Lipetsk region to modernize production processes of Lebedyanmoloko OOO.

It is expected that as a result the company will increase the volume of milk processing from more than 300 to 600 tonnes per day.
The implementation of the project involves the introduction of modern technological equipment, which should meet the requirements of the European Standard for the level of technology, technology, automation, technical aesthetics and sanitation. The first stage of investment is more than 1 billion rubles.
“To date, we have already heavily invested in this enterprise. According to the results of the first half of 2017, we decided to increase the investment program and further production upgrading . It should be noted that such large-scale projects are possible thanks to the support of the administration of the Lipetsk Region, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and VTB Bank,” - said Alexander Kremnev, head of the enterprise, in a comment to The DairyNews.