Production and procurement
of food equipment
  • Design and launch of SCADA systems based on advanced Wonderware System Platform software using client-server architecture
  • Implementation of technological data systems in real time
  • Development of systems for analysis of collected data and reporting
  • Carrying out commissioning of the whole complex of equipment, as well as its integration into existing production
  • Carrying out modernization of production automation systems
  • Consulting staff on work with automated systems
  • Remote support for supplied equipment

Taking in account experience and competence of our team we can offer you a full list of services for the automation of process control systems of new and modernized productions:

  • Selection of equipment components for automation of technological processes
  • Algorithm elaboration for operation of process sections and installations based on modern Siemens PLC.
  • Distributed Control System integration based on industrial networks.
  • Development of visualization system (the man-machine interface) for control of process sections and installations.
  • Capability remote control of technological processes by placing AWS in any suitable geo-point for the customer.