Production and procurement
of food equipment

Alfa L Service is a leading manufacturer of capacitive equipment of any complexity for various industries in the Russian market.

For dairy milk production:

  • Fermentation tanks including UltraKlin designs
  • Aseptic tanks
  • Cream containers
  • Quark containers
  • Buffer tanks for storing dairy products
  • Fat melting tanks
  • Culture tanks
  • CIP tanks

For the beer industry:

  • BBT
  • Brewing line
  • CIP tanks

For wine and beverage industry:

  • Blending vessels
  • Storage tanks for alcohol and wine materials
  • Yeast cooking vessels
  • Acratophores
  • Syrup cooking vessels
  • Alcohol cellar

We engage the design and calculation of mixers for various capacitances upon the request. Alfa L Service can supply and install mixers from other manufacturers:

  • Gate mixers
  • Turbine mixers
  • Arm mixers
  • Anchor stirrer
  • Propeller mixer

Tanks can be equipped with:

  • insulator
  • heat exchange jackets
  • heating electric cables
  • electric heater tubes
  • EC&I
  • pressure-relief valves
  • Sampling cranes
  • Mixing devices
  • sight glasses, hatches, valves, level gauges
  • control cabinets
  • washing CIP heads

For the production of juices and soft drinks:

  • Blending vessels
  • Bins
  • Water tanks
  • Storage containers for ingredients

For the chemical industry:

  • Mixing tanks
  • Buffer tanks
  • Reactors
  • Vacuum drums
  • CIP tanks
  • Fuel storage tanks