Production and procurement
of food equipment

Priority of Bertoli homogenizers:

  • reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • "double-stage homogenization"
  • aseptic design for sterilized and UHT products;
  • adjustable capacity (mechanically, hydraulically, electronically);
  • the use of homogenizing valves made of tungsten carbide for products that cause increased wear.


At the present time it is impossible to imagine getting a large number of products without processing operation in a high-pressure homogenizer. The list of such products is very extensive and is constantly updated.

The homogenization process is an operation of grinding and dispersing particles to obtain a completely uniform product structure. Extreme reduction in particle size of the dispersed phase leads to the achievement of a number of significant advantages in the production of products: improved structure, increased organoleptic characteristics while maintaining properties, a higher level of stability.


  • Food industry (fruit juices and nectars, baby food, sauces, egg products, honey)
  • Tomatoes (sauces, juices, ketchup, tomato paste)
  • Cosmetic industry (creams, shampoos, liquid soaps, toothpaste, lipstick basis)
  • Chemical industry (additives, lubricating oils, rubber, mineral oils, dyes)