Production and procurement
of food equipment

Frictec Industrial Knives

Frictec Ltd manufactures high-quality packaging machine knives and wear parts for various sectors of the manufacturing and packaging industries. It has over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry. One of the company's achievements is the patented TMC 45 steel grade, from which they are made:

  • knives and wear parts of various kinds, rotary knives, dish-type slitting and cup knives, blade cutters, valve knives, cutting anvil, doctoring blades, band knives, sector (perforated) knives, punches / cutting punches, perforating knives, wrapping and smooth knives for automatic packing machines, zigzag knives, serrated knives, guillotine knives, non-standard knives, sector, segment, perforated knives, nibbling knives, knives for crushers and agglomerators, cutter knives, industrial blades, sharpening knives circles, knives of a non-standard configuration.

  • Knives are produced both serially and according to individual drawings of customers, with the possibility of using them in filling machines from leading manufacturers.