Production and procurement
of food equipment

REDA is a global supplier of food processing equipment. Using its own technological solutions, the company designs and manufactures:

  • separators and normalizers
  • self-cleaning clarifying centrifuge
  • self-cleaning separators-cleaners
  • self-cleaning cream-separators
  • Milk and cream bacterial cleaning units

These separators are specially built for dairy applications and match very high bowl speeds for the best performances in separation of solid particles with very small diameters (fat, dirty, spores and bacterias, etc).
Standard design of these separators provides the product feeding under pressure by a soft inflow system. Then the product is accellerated to separation speed without damage being caused to any of the fat globules.
The wide working surface, the high spinning speed and the extremely fast sludge expulsion lead to maximum separation and cleaning efficiency.
The skimmed product and cream exit under pressure, therefore no recovery pumps are necessary.

The range of process capacity goes from minimum 1500 l/h to maximum 50,000 l/h.

  • Automatic in-line standardizers.
    REDA automatic standardizers grant the standardization of milk and cream with the utmost precision. These systems operate normally in connection with a totally skimming centrifuge and are equipped with all needed elements and accessories for the regulation of the same centrifuge: automatic backpressure valve, pressure gauges for milk and cream and sampling taps.
  • Deaerators
    As integration of its sterilization (U.H.T.) and pasteurization (E.S.L. or H.T.S.T.) lines and plants, REDA S.p.A. offers deaeration systems under vacuum for the expulsion of air and gases dissolved in the treated products as micro bubbles.
    Special distributors mounted on the device turn the product into a very thin film, which, combined with the negative pressure, allows a perfect dispersion of the air.
    With milk-based products the deaerator under vacuum removes the dissolved gases, which could also give an unpleasant odour to the final product.
    "For products as juices, purées or nectars the device serves to eliminate the oxygen responsible of the product oxidation, which would cause therefore change of colour and loss of nutritional value.

  • Evaporators
    The evaporation plants developed by REDA S.p.A. use the concept of “evaporation under vacuum”, a technique that allows the evaporation under vacuum at low temperatures of essentially pure water. The organoleptic characteristic of the treated product remain in this way intact, and this has granted a great success in applications with particularly heat sensitive products.


  • Milk/Dairy industry (milk, yoghurt, serum, etc.).
  • Beverages (juices, fruit concentrates, tea).
  • Wine industry (self-enrichment of grapes must, dealcoholisation of must).
  • Special products (honey, essences, gum arabic, vegetable extracts).

    The priority of REDA over other manufacturers:

    • Unmatched reliability.
    • Long autonomy of production.
    • Compact and reliable design
    • Simple and quick installation at the production site with minimal commissioning time.
    • Operation comfort