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Siemens programmable controllers

SIEMENS offers reliable controllers that meet various requirements for automation systems. The SIMATIC range of controllers includes basic controllers, controllers with support for an expanded set of functions, peripheral and software controllers that provide impressive scalability of solutions and built-in support for their functions. Engineering design with the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) allows you to find the best automation solutions for each application.

Siemens controllers are:

  • The universal scalable modular system with IP20 degree of protection.
  • An effective solution for batch production automation systems. The controller is characterized by high performance and maximum ease of use.
  • High demand for the equipment provided by the series, explains the efficiency of performance of the teams, the availability of new language extensions, the optimal process for generating program code and the use of new types of data. The powerful communication capabilities of SIMATIK S7-1500 include PROFINET IO, the optional optional PROFINET interface, as well as the ability to effectively expand communication modules to connect to industrial networks or to exchange data via connections.