Production and procurement
of food equipment

Industrial pneumatic automation

SMC Corporation began operations in 1959 in Tokyo and it has become a world leader in pneumatic technology in a short time. High-quality pneumatic components manufactured by SMC are used in the most advanced developments in the field of industrial automation.

Main areas:

  • compressed air preparation equipment;
  • pneumatic distributors;
  • valves / filters;
  • air throttles / check valves;
  • pneumatic cylinders / rotary actuators, grippers;
  • threaded connections / tubes;
  • instrumentation;
  • vacuum equipment;
  • equipment for lubrication and blowing;
  • hydraulic equipment;
  • electric actuator.

Electric actuator

SMC Corporation has consistently dominates the Japanese automation equipment market, occupying more than 61% of whole market. Its production facilities - 17 plants - are located throughout Japan. The SMC sales network in Japan consists of 64 local divisions and 93 distributors.
In Russia, Europe, America SMC Corporation is one of the leaders of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic automation equipment.