Production and procurement
of food equipment

The main core activity of the department is the organization and performance of works at its own production site and customer facilities, namely:

  • Installation supervision;
  • Commissioning on technological equipment;
  • After-sales warranty service;
  • All types of repair of technological equipment (preventative, current, capital, etc.),
  • Execution of works on service contracts (after-sales service, outsourcing);
  • Modernization of technological equipment;
  • Diagnostic work on technological equipment with the aim of analyzing possible increased wear, accidents or breakdowns of equipment, taking measures to prevent them;
  • Technical advice Customer personnel for setting up, operating and maintaining the equipment on the customer's production site or remotely;
  • Work with applications and claims from the Customer.

The targets of the repair and maintenance of technological equipment department include commissioning, service and repair work on a wide range of technological equipment for food production, such as: separators, normalizers, homogenizers, pasteurization and cooling plants, reception stations, CIP stations, flow distribution systems, etc.

These works are carried out both with Alfa L Service equipment and equipment of our partners (TetraPak, AlfaLaval, SPX, Interpump, GEA, Reda, etc.).