Principle of homogenization

Homogenization process represents an operation of grinding and dispersion of the particles to obtain a fully homogeneous structure. Extreme reduction in size of the dispersed phase leads to the achievement of a number of significant advantages for the products obtained, such as the complete elimination or significant slowing of the process of phase separation, which allows to achieve a higher level of product stability, improved product structure, enhance organoleptic properties and preservation properties.

Homogenisation effect is achieved on the basis of such factors, as:

  • a sharp increase in velocity and turbulence;
  • cavitation, which plays a crucial role in the process of grinding particles;
  • emphasis on high-speed particles of product flinger, Experiencing while large shear stress.

It is now impossible to imagine obtaining a large number of products without the processing operation in the high-pressure homogenizer. The list of such products is very extensive and constantly updated with new application areas and new products homogenizers.

Our company delivers homogenizers two leading manufacturers:

  1. Niro Soavi
  2. Bertoli

Gomogenizatory Niro Soavi

Processing liquids under high pressure, to 1500 bar, in a continuous production process – separate independent technology. For best results, Niro Soavi skillfully combines 50 years of experience with extensive knowledge in the design of equipment, material properties and hydrodynamics.

The uniqueness of the homogenizing valve Niro Soavi is, that micronization (grinding) particles to the desired size )and dispersion occur at the least possible pressure. Valves of different sizes satisfy numerous technological requirements, given the different pressure and flow rate.

High-pressure homogenizer

A high pressure homogenizer includes a plunger type high pressure pump, able to pump liquid products of different viscosity to a selected pressure level, and homogenizing valve adjustment, pressure generating hydrodynamics and thus for liquid micronisation.

The effect of homogenization
Only a letter “gomogenizatsiya” is derived from the concept of homogeneous (Homogeneous) particles, resulting from high-pressure fluid, passed through a special valve. This means, after homogenization, particle size distribution curve becomes more narrow, than to process, tk. particles take more uniform size.

Term micronization spokeswoman for himself sebya: the ultimate goal of the process is the grinding of the particles to the smallest size, to achieve product stability.

Areas of activity

Among the patrons of equipment Niro Soavi world leaders in various industries, who appreciate the safety and the high technical level of our products. Niro Soavi offers technologies for various industries (chemical, Cosmetics, Breast, food and pharmaceutical) specializing in the treatment of liquids and powders, and spray-drying.

Food and dairy industries

Advantages of homogenization are well known in the food and dairy industries. Homogenization provides a more stable product with a long shelf life, reduce the amount of additives, and clearly identify the composition of the product.

Niro Soavi homogenizers are considered the most advanced in its class. And that is important, Niro Soavi develops worldwide network of service centers with qualified engineers, which ensures smooth operation of the installed equipment, and maintenance.

All equipment Niro Soavi is created with 50 years “запасом know-how” and is extremely reliable and high.

Pharmaceutical industry

Micronization – This process of reducing the particle size of the pharmaceutical products in very high pressure, Turbulence, acceleration and other impacts to achieve their stability and clinical effectiveness.

As a result, increases the bioavailability of the product and increased tolerance to other irritating drugs. Micronization pharmaceutical industry provides a more stable product with a better dispersion of the ingredients, than with conventional agitators, rotor or stator colloid mills.

High pressure homogenizer Niro Soavi for the pharmaceutical industry meets all standards, accepted in the industry (cGMP). Results, obtained in laboratory and pilot conditions Niro Soavi homogenizer processing of small volumes of product, can be achieved on a large production for large quantities of product


Yield and quality – the most important factor in the production of biological products. Therefore, experts use high pressure homogenizers for efficient cell separation, that maximizes the yield from the starting material, while maintaining a high quality product.

The main objective – release intercellular substance, such as proteins, enzymes and vitamins, which are rich in many living organisms (yeast, algae and bacteria). High pressure homogenizer Niro Soavi for the biotechnology industry fully complies with all standards, accepted in pharmaceutics (cGMP).

Cosmetic industry

Micronization in cosmetics allows to obtain a more stable product with good dispersion of the active ingredients than with conventional agitators, rotor or stator colloid mills.

The output is a more stable product with a long shelf life.

Drastic reduction of the particle size also contributes to, that the skin is significantly better absorb such cosmetic products. High-pressure homogenizer Niro Soavi for use in the cosmetic industry combines high productivity and very high pressure in the processing of the product.

Chemical Industry

Micronization – a process of reducing the particle size of the product to improve its stability. Chemical products are so diverse, it is difficult to generalize. Niro Soavi has developed durable and solvent resistant components, are suitable for most chemical products.


Niro Soavi homogenizers offers various models of high and low pressure, with a capacity of 10 / do 50 000 l / h and a constant working pressure 100 to 1500 bar. For non-standard production models are special, a large range of equipment offered allows you to select the most appropriate setting for a particular production.

Homogenizers Soavi Energy Series are offered in stainless steel cabinet “Aries” or coated with rubber industry “Hercules” to unhygienic production.

Compression blocks Soavi designed to work with different ranges of pressure using three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis – with the configuration of high purity MonoBlock for operating pressures up to 600 bar and a special version of the Multi-Block VHP for operating pressures up to 1500 bar.

Version for low pressure

Concept Soavi monoblock established bloke's interior with a smooth profile without “dead zones” and grooves, to minimize stress concentration due to the cross holes or slices steep based finite element modeling.

Unique solutions Niro Soavi is removable valve seats, replaceable ball and poppet valves pumps, aseptic version of the equipment, special materials and the possibility of access from the front side during maintenance.

Version for high pressure

Концепция Soavi Multi-Block VHP, specially designed for use in high pressure, consists of the divided blocks, that minimize fatigue stress, resulting from high pulsating pressure.

Components of the system of Multi-Block, designed on the basis of finite element modeling provides the reliability and accuracy of regulation.

Special Sealing, suitable for high pressure, special wear-resistant materials and a flexible plunger packing is ideal for efficient operation at high pressure.


Niro Soavi has developed and manufactured a unique homogenizing valve NanoValve®, which reduces power consumption and improves the effect of micronized under low pressure and a high flow rate.

Proven high performance valve NanoValve® also typical for valves, designed to work under high pressure -NanoValve® RNS, that provide maximum particle micronization.

Gomogenizatory Bertoli

Sphere of application:

  • Dairy Industry (milk, yogurt, pastry cream e, ice cream, cheese)
  • Food processing industry (fruit juices and nectars, baby food, sauces, Egg Products, copper)
  • Tomatoes (sauces, Juices, ketchup, tomato paste)
  • Cosmetic industry (creams, shampoos, liquid soap, toothpaste, base for lipstick)
  • Chemical Industry (supplements, lubricants, rubber, Mineral oil, Dyes)

Range of products

Homogenizers and high pressure pumps Bertoli, designed and constructed in accordance with European standards, and in accordance with different characteristics of products and the technological requirements of the customers, can be used in the treatment of a wide range of products and have the following advantages:

  • high level of homogenization and micronization ensures high stability of the product, structure and improves the organoleptic characteristics, and retains the properties of the product;
  • reliability and ease of installation in service;
  • low noise
  • range of our products represented single stage homogenizer pumps hygienic version with fixed capacity, supplied also with additional options:
  • two-stage homogenization;
  • aseptic execution for sterilized and UHT products;
  • Adjustable performance (mechanically, hydraulically, electronic);
  • application homogenizing valves, made of tungsten carbide products, causing increased wear.


Industrial and lab models,
Performance of 10 liter per hour to 50 000 liters per hour
Pressure up 2000 bar

High pressure pumps

Capacity up to 50 000 liters per hour
Pressure up 300 bar

Special plunger pumps

For dry products or products containing pieces

Laboratory homogenizers

"ATOM" – This laboratory homogenizer, calculated pressure homogenization to 2000 bar, appeared due to our extensive experience in the design and construction of homogenizers, the result of constant research and experiments in response to the new needs of customers in the production of new products.

This tabletop homogenizer is very easy to use with a capacity 10l / h and with an installed capacity of 3 kW is used for laboratory tests homogenization of various types of products with viscosities up to 20.000sR and more.


  • patented self-centering system plungers
  • two guide to the best move
  • durable chrome plungers
  • increase endurance pads and plungers
  • Built-in cooling system oil
  • new patented system of production of sterile water through microfiltration for pumps and high pressure homogenizers in Aseptic

The ratio of production of sterilized water via microfiltration and cost condensate: 1:28

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