Control valves

The control valve - The main element of any technological system, where required to provide flow control of liquids or gases.

The control valve allows the flexible and precise control of technological processes, possible to reduce or even completely lost, associated with an excess of, overruns or diversion of controlled environments. Our specialists recommend to pay particular attention to the control valves of the Swedish company Alfa Laval, characterized by high technical performance and received a well-deserved endorsement of many specialized companies all over the world.

How to select a control valve?

Control valve selection should be made at the design stage of the entire system. Selection of a suitable valve is necessary to do well and the repair or upgrade equipment, including the replacement of defective units. Picking up the control valve is necessary to consider options and features of the system, physico-chemical characteristics of the regulated environment, operating conditions, features of production in general and safety requirements. Therefore, the selection process should be connected by specialists, technical consultants, the role of which can perform well as employees of our company. Apart from the products, provided on our web resource, We can offer a range of customized solutions, specialized units and components.

Mounting options for control valves

Control valves can be offered in different versions. We can supply control valves for every type of installation: flanged, threaded, clamping or welding.

Types of control valves

  • Hand and power control valves "butterfly" – characterized by extraordinary simplicity of design, ease of maintenance or repair, small size and low cost. The control valve of this design is designed for controlling the flow of liquid and of low viscosity fluids. Can be used as shut-off unit in the regulation of flow of the gaseous medium. Control valve "butterfly" has a high speed and high reliability in the range of normal operating conditions. The main feature of this type of control valve is the most low, among all types of regulatory sites, dynamic resistance of the fluid displacement.
  • Control valve poppet valve - Built in a modular fashion. Valve design provides a minimum number of moving parts, that is the determining factor in the reliability and uptime and ensuring hygiene and safety regulating unit. Due to the design features, control valve poppet valve is best applied at the nodes of the pressure control and speed control or the volume flow of various media. The control valve of this species may be intended for changing the direction of flow of controlled environments. In contrast to the previous versions, type of tractor control valve can control several, divided between a, streams.
  • Diaphragm Control Valve - With a special design it is the main component of systems with high requirements for sterility, hygienically clean and secure environment controlled leakage through the structure of the valve. Control valves of this type are used in large quantities in the medical and food industries. A feature of the valve is to limit the upper value of the regulated pressure and compliance environment variable membrane materials regulating unit.

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