Centrifugal pumps

Nomenclature pumps Alfa Laval deal with all kinds of problems on careful and accurate pumping of liquids of any kind and any viscosity in systems with high hygienic requirements.

Centrifugal pump SolidC

Насос центробежный

Centrifugal pump designed water heating systems, refrigeration and other similar purposes, for pumping of liquids in the CIP (CIP), or use in washing machines, in piping systems within the acceptable range of pressures.

Centrifugal pump of this brand is suitable for use in enterprises, producing lactic, food, pharmaceutical products. Pump this brand suitable for use in light and chemical industries, work in water supply networks, beverage production, food and non-solutions and personal care products.

Standard design

A typical centrifugal pump SolidC consists of the following components:

  • motor standard version,
  • Self-centering shaft,
  • coupling,
  • adapter,
  • Impeller,
  • rear,
  • housing and shaft seals.

SolidC protected stainless steel housing, harboring motor, and four stainless steel feet, regulating the height.

The combination of large radii of curvature of the inner surfaces and the use of washable seal makes centrifugal pump suitable for CIP (CIP).

Shaft seal

The pump is equipped with washable brand SolidC (FSS) or an external single (SSS) shaft seal. Both types of seals are based on the stationary seal ring of acid stainless steel AISI 329. The sealing surface is covered with silicon carbide rings (SIC). Sealing surface of the rotating rings is graphite layer (C). Secondary seal of the flushed seal is a special long term use.

Materials of Construction

  • Steel surfaces, wetted: stainless and acid-resistant steel grade 1.4404 (316The)
  • Other steel parts and enclosure systems: stainless steel 1.4301 (304).
  • Type of surface treatment: blast cleaning (Out 1.6) followed by polishing to cleanliness 3A (Out 0.8).
  • Included in sealing contact with the product - on the basis of EPDM (in accordance with FDA).

Technical data:

  • Inlet pressure (max): 400 kPa (4 bar).
  • Operating Temperature Range: from -10 до 120°C (EPDM).

Threaded ends connect to the FSS: R 1/8 " (BSP).

LKH centrifugal pump

Насос центробежный

LKH centrifugal pump -Get and high-efficiency pump centrifugal type, meets all applicable health standards, providing gentle pumping of fluid, resistant to aggressive substances. Centrifugal pump in this series includes 12 sizes.

Typical execution

LKH centrifugal pump brand includes an electric motor in the standard version, self-centering shaft, coupling mechanical crimping (model LKH-5 connection is used with the help of key), rear, adapter, Cover, impeller and shaft seals. Pump cover LKH-5 is attached to the rear of the compound clamp® (Clamp-connection). Large radii of curvature of the inner surfaces and the use of washable seals make the pump suitable for CIP (CIP). In sanitary centrifugal pump performance brand LKH provided with a closing engine cover made of stainless steel and four stainless steel legs of adjustable height. Industrial version of LKH pump is not equipped with protective cover.

Shaft seal

LKH is equipped with SSS (external single) или FSS (flushed) shaft seal. Uplotnenie type SSS, as the primary side of the flushed seal, are crimped steel rings. This type of mechanical seal. Still rings are made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 329. The sealing surface is a layer of silicon carbide (SIC). Rotating rings are sealing surface of the graphite (C). In flushed seals secondary part is formed as a long, maintenance-free service life gland. LKH can be equipped with DMSS (mechanical double seal).

Materials of Construction

  • Wetted steel parts: stainless and acid-resistant steel grade 1.4404 (316The).
  • Other parts and metal enclosure systems: Stainless Steel 1.4301 (304).
  • Seals, contact with the fluid: EPDM.


  • Maximum inlet pressure:
    • LKH-5: 600 kPa (6 bar)
    • LKH-10 - 80 (50 Hz): 1000 kPa (10 bar)
    • LKH-70 - 90 (60 Hz): 500 kPa (5 bar)
    • LKH-90 (50 Hz): 500 kPa (5 bar)
  • Operating temperature range: -10. . .+140 ° C. (EPDM)

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