Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers designed to address issues of the heat supply, which are very relevant to many industrial processes. The cornerstone of any production is to reduce losses to a minimum. In industry, the task is often converted to a search for methods of the most complete transfer of heat flows from the heat transfer medium to the medium of the working fluid. In other words,, efficiency depends entirely on the transfer of heat flows and the magnitude of heat losses in the real heat exchangers.

Most of the existing plate heat exchangers designed for the exchange of heat between two fluid media. The direction of heat flow can serve both for heating, and cooling operating fluid. Plate heat exchanger is most efficient for solving such problems.

Plate heat exchangers are distinguished sophisticated design, heat transfer efficiency and high compactness.

Plate heat exchanger successfully applied in systems:

  • heating,
  • Cooling,
  • Heat recovery,
  • vapor,
  • condensation,
  • ventilation,
  • freeze.

Features of heat exchangers from Alfa Laval

A heat exchanger alfa laval heat transfer rate proportional to the square of the thermal contact and a large part of the range of all produced heat exchangers Alfa Laval. A special "package" design differs a minimum of additional nodes. Alfa laval heat exchanger consists of a pack of heat conducting plates, separating opposing streams of warm and cold liquids. To increase the area of ​​thermal contact, heat exchanger plates made of corrugated. Plate heat exchanger alfa laval corrugated plate with the same amount of work is more effective.

Alfa laval heat exchangers are capable of working conditions:

  • high and low temperatures,
  • extreme fluid pressure,
  • constantly changing temperature and pressure.

Alfa Laval heat exchangers are an efficient reliable transmission device and a heat exchange for the construction of systems of various purposes.

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