Reception stations

A reception station is an automated module able to control and measure a flow of liquid products such as milk. The main application for this unit is to measure product input at a plant. Vacuum air separation results in more precise measurements. A reception station can be installed at the same level with a truck cistern.

How it works

The module is controlled by a programmable logic controller. The product enters the air separator by gravity, allowing constant flow and liquid level before the pump. Pump capacity can be changed by a frequency converter.
The vacuum above the product surface in the separator is created by a pump. Module operation is organized with a touch panel.
Information on the number of incoming product is read and stored in the memory of a flow transmitter. The module is also ready for inline CIP.
In addition its control system is equipped with a visualized valve status indication.
Sampling facilities are organized by a sampling valve.
To control the temperature of the product is used with the RTD transmitter to output values to the operator panel.
Modules are assembled and tested at the production sight of Alfa L service and are ready for use. The offering includes all necessary cables and trays.

What differs us from others

  • A unit complies with Russian standards
  • All the necessary sanitary certificates are provided
  • The unit is supplied as a single unit, and is ready for use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • All system components are supplied by leading European manufacturers: Alfa Laval, Endress Hauser and others
  • Installation, commissioning and customer training are already included in the offering