These units are used for heating, pasteurization, holding and cooling products. Our company has developed a standard range of pasteurizers for milk, cream, juice, wine, beer and other beverages. Operation mode of the plant is set according to your requirements.

How it works

The product coming into the plant, passes through the control valve to a balanced tank. The predetermined level in a balance tank is supported by the pressure sensor (level sensors) located at the bottom of the tank, which in turn controls the regulating valve at the inlet.
From the balanced tank product is pumped into the third regeneration section where it is heated to a temperature of separation (deaeration, baktofugation) and further to the 2nd regeneration section of a plate heat exchanger where it is heated to the homogenization temperature. Then it enters the pasteurization section where it is heated to a required temperature by hot water circulating in a closed circuit and further enters a holder (from 20 to 600 seconds).
After the holder product passes through a 2nd and 3rd recovery sections and then into a cooling section. Additionally, our pasteurizers may be supplied with a quick launch option, an energy saving mode and equipment for precise temperature maintenance at the recovery section.
Pasteurization and cooling temperature is controlled and adjusted automatically. If the pasteurization temperature is violated a special valve at the outlet closes and returns the product to a reception tank for re-pasteurization.
Product pasteurization and cooling temperature, as well as the plant sterilization temperature is recorded. Additionally it is possible to connect a separator, a deaerator or a homogenizer.
Automatic operation provides complete control of all working modes (cleaning, sterilization, operation).
The automation system is based on a Siemens programmable logic controller, with all the built-in mathematical and logical functions and PID control. The control panel is equipped with a color touch screen. All processes including current temperature and valve position are displayed online. Setting and adjusting parameters is done from the screen. Pasteurizer cleaning can be operated both independently and in a centralized cleaning system. Optionally different cleaning accessories and solutions (caustic, acid, ten. solutions) for individual pasteurizer cleaning are supplied.

What makes us better

  • The unit complies with all Russian standards
  • A sanitary epidemiological certificate is supplied
  • Adaptation to different manufacturing processes
  • High energy savings by accurate calculations
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size
  • Touch screen operation panel
  • All system components are supplied by leading European manufacturers: Alfa Laval, Endress Hauser Spirax Sarco
  • Easy installation and start-up is guaranteed by the fact that all the equipment has been tested and pre-configured at our factory
  • We offer commissioning and supervision
  • A training for employees during equipment supply is free of charge