Pigging System


Originally pigging systems are used in oil and gas industries and have been designed to reduce losses on production lines, as well as to clean pipelines. During the production process a PIG is put through pipes to clear them from remaining product with the least losses. Today, this process is used in food industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Application portfolio

Main advantages of pigging systems:

  • Product loss reduction
  • Lower product contamination risk
  • Less CIP loss
  • Quicker switch between different products

Pigging-system supplied by Alfa L Service comply with all possible requirements:

  • The system saves up to 90% of the product
  • The pig can go through complex forms of the pipeline
  • The pusher can go through a pipe bending of 1D radius
  • Compatible with CIP
  • Easy operation
  • Manual or automatic control
  • The pig has no influence on the product flow. It may be washed at 90C by CIP and / or sterilized at 140C for over an hour.
  • A unique unit design allows easy removal of the PIG for repair and maintenance, all other components are also easily maintainable.
  • Manual and automated selection of flow control, as well as deep integration into the plant automation system.
  • Low pay-off time.

Pigging system technology are being continuously developed and our company constantly monitors the process. The software is developed for the most reliable operation and product safety. Calculations show that Alfa L Service pigging systems pay off within months, not years. So do not forget to think about a pigging solution when you are developing new processes.

You can significantly improve your process and save money on your production!

There are systems available for two solutions:

  • to push and save the product (PDR)
  • to push, protect and conserve the product, (PPDR).

PDR systems come in two versions:

  1. Single PIGS (pigging systems)
  • Built-in stations are designed for pushing / saving product
  1. Double PIGS
  • Launching stations have more functions
  • Is able to choose between several directions to send product to.

In PPDR systems the first PIG goes at front of the product, protecting it from oxidation and foaming. The second PIG protects the product from mixing. One way and several direction solutions are available