Flow distribution systems

Alfa L Service flow distribution systems are combinations of valves controlled by software that allow to:

  • prevent liquids from mixing with each other
  • create a gradiential fluid flow
  • maintain the lowest possible pressure drop
  • ensure thorough cleaning and draining

How it works

A valve cluster also contains frame fittings, position sensors, cables and air tubes, a tested programmed control panel with, a valve flushing and spouts drainage system, pumps. Thus, a cluster itself is a flow distribution system, set up as a single unit, completely ready for operation.
A cluster can be installed on the floor, under the ceiling and on the wall. To provide centralized cleaning it is equipped with trays, leakage chamber cleaning tubes, balancers and flow distribution cleaning pipes.

System benefits

  • The system is equipped with walkways for a quick valve maintenance. All valves can be easily tested, or replaced.
  • The Valve clusters are compiled on a special horizontal plate using templates, which prevents any internal stress of the material.
  • The frame is equipped with adjustable feet that allow you to set a required angle during installation
  • The program for the valves is made individually for each project

Distinguishing features

  • A unit complies with Russian standards
  • All the necessary sanitary certificates are provided
  • Compact size
  • Versatility, easy to adapt to different technological requirements and modes
  • Easy maintenance
  • All system components are manufactured by Alfa Laval