Automatic washing station is equipment, designed for cleaning and packing machines and technological equipment, such as hygienic piping, Tanks, aseptic tanks, heat exchangers and so on.

Principle of operation

CIP is produced by the circulation of water and detergent inside the object. The whole process of heating the water and the detergent is produced in line with a plate (tubular) a heat exchanger during the circulation inside the module.
The detergent solution is circulated through a tank of detergent. After washing, the solution is sent back to the tank for reuse.
When washing the tanks returned detergent solution provide pumps pumping.

Station allows you to sink simultaneously on several independent from each other contours.
Process control system for cleaning of pipelines and tanks ensures quality sink. For this is provided by the stability of the following options::

1. Temperature washing:

  • The washing of tanks and pipelines wash temperature at alkaline and acid solutions should be constant and equal to 65-70 ° C.;
  • when the hot water disinfection wash temperature should be 90-95 ° C.;
  • at washing water temperature should be 30-35 ° C.;
  • the value of these parameters is set technologist shop.

2. Concentrations of the solutions:

  • washing detergent solution of NaOH is not below 0,8% (typical 1%);
  • washing detergent solution HNO3 not lower 0,8% (typical 1%);
  • value of concentration of detergents is automatically corrected at lower;

3. Feed flow washing solutions with restriction of the maximum pressure at the outlet (to prevent failure of the supply pumps and cleaning equipment, the magnitude of maximum pressure given).

Program, providing imaging process according to any washing of the contours, shows a complete picture of the washing process with the mapping:

  • type of the current operation;
  • the outlet temperature of the heater and the outlet pressure circuit;
  • temperature and concentration of detergents on the return circuit;
  • valve condition (discoloration of the picture of the valve);
  • pump status (discoloration of the picture of the pump).