Neutralization stations

Station effluent neutralization serves to normalize (bring to a neutral) hydrogen index (pH) wastewater, resulting from the operation of the plant CIP (CIP).

At the entrance of the neutralization station mounted pH - meter pNE1, which measures the pH coming from CIP - station solutions. If the pH of the solution at the inlet station neutralization close to neutral, solution immediately enters the sewer through the valves AV234 and AV233.

Usually for direct discharge into drains installed outside 6 < pH < 9.

Otherwise, the solution is fed into one of the neutralization tank through valve AV234. In napolnenii tanks to srednego (NGO) level it starts a sequence of neutralization. The upper level (LSH) in the tank is an emergency and causes the message "Neutralization: Load the top level "

The process of neutralization is controlled by pH - meter pNE2. At the end of the sequence of neutralizing solution is discharged to the drain through the AV233, a pump M200.