Vacuum evaporators

Compared with traditional shell and tube evaporator modern evaporator system AlfaVap and AlfaCond surpass their counterparts in many respects. Small area of ​​occupied space, low cost investment and low maintenance lead them to world leadership position.

The unique design provides several times higher heat transfer, than conventional shell and tube plants. All this makes AlfaVap AlfaCond and extremely economical. Compact, universal design and AlfaVap AlfaCond require a minimum of space in the production.

Heat exchange surface is easily accessible for inspection and mechanical cleaning, and increased at the expense of the corrugated surface turbulence not only reduces pollution and prevents deposits, but also makes effective CIP cleaning.

Simply adding or removing plates and AlfaVap AlfaCond, You can easily adjust the power and performance to meet the changing needs of industry, while retaining the existing frame.