Biotechnologies and Pharmaceuticals

One of the most important parameters in the selection of equipment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries is the credibility of the manufacturer. Копания Alfa Laval, on the basis of which our equipment is going, for over 125 years working in the toughest industries, where there are the most stringent quality requirements, purity, Reliability and Performance.

As an authorized master distributor, Alpha A Service offers a wide range of special solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical processes from Alfa Laval.

Currently, we supply a new line centrifugal separators, is applied for separating the cellular level,, and membrane technology for the separation and concentration of media product.

In addition to sanitary tube heat exchanger Injection and other applications, Our company delivers efficient plate heat sterilization, condensation etc.. Besides Alfa L Service represents a wide range of equipment for tanks, Pumps, valves, pipes and fittings. Our task - to achieve the highest quality equipment to our customers.

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