In this widely used industrial processing technology complex composition of products with higher viscosity. Production of such components, both sugar syrup, flow, chocolate mass, pectin, Agar et al. need special treatment to process and require more attention to technology.

Thus the deviation from the strict process parameters can not easily make changes in its physical-chemical properties of the product, but also result in damage to or loss of the entire party. For the production of such products, our company offers the following equipment:

Experts recommend the use of international companies Pigging System to reduce production costs for pumping of viscous products, as juice concentrate, Toppings, fillingi, fruit and vegetable puree, jams, honey, etc..

These systems provide for the prevention of mixing with water the product is pushed under, and provide clean lines without washing with frequent changes of products. Our experts will be able to pick up and put into operation a system in your plant.

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