Kvas, Beer and soft drinks

noalcEvery year in Russia is growing interest in beverages based on barley and rye malt, sugar and other natural ingredients. The production of such drinks requires compliance with the set of technological standards, requirements and regulations, requirements for sanitary equipment.

Alfa A service offers both the supply of components and spare parts, and turnkey solutions Turnkey.

For the production of soft drinks, are often part of the breweries, we collect modular mixing plants, in-line coolers, pasteurizers, separatorы, Carbonation and Station CIP (CIP-Stations), by component-based Alfa Laval, steam valves Spirax Sarco and Automation Siemens on our own production facilities.

Vacuum evaporators and dekantorы, offered by Alfa L Service, perfectly suited for the production of such products, how the different extracts and concentrates from natural raw materials.

Today, we are ready to develop and implement a process for you production line natural kvass, that will meet all the requirements and characteristics of the final product. Despite, the rather conservative JavaScript kvass, Technology, engineers and designers of our company with major manufacturers to introduce high-tech developments at various stages of production.

To ensure the stability of quality and taste of the products we offer the introduction of systems for industrial automation. In our competence to solve the following technological and engineering problems:

  • operational control of residues of raw materials means the introduction of metering devices;
  • Intensification of enzymatic processes;
  • increase in resistance of the products;
  • improving the quality of the product;
  • increase business productivity;

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