Пивоваренное производствоEvery year, in Russia and the CIS countries is growing interest in the production of live beer. With a staff of Alpha A service includes professional employees of the brewing industry, which have many completed projects in different cities of Russia. We offer the supply of equipment, modular systems and components for the production of beer, ales and mead, develop technological schemes and systems to ensure quality control. We have the practical experience in the beer industry in all areas of the process of beer production. Our relationship with the companies, which is a global manufacturer of equipment for breweries restaurant type, allow in the shortest time to implement your ideas.

In this industrial sector, our company offers such equipment, mini-breweries "turnkey", boilers and hot block vacuum evaporators, heat transfer equipment, modules aэracii susla, containers for the cold block, separation plants, modular mixing plants, modules carbonation beers, modules keg-service, cip equipment (CIP), pasteurizers.

The range of our services is to support the development of technical specifications, preparing documentation predproektnoy, production of the necessary brewing equipment in-house, монтаж, commissioning, warranty and after sales service and technical advice to staff. Our technicians provide information support to the primary producers of raw and auxiliary materials.

All this allows us to combine a long tradition of classic brewing technology with new, advanced technological solutions, to develop the most accurate system of accounting and control of the quality and use of the concept, meet the requirements of our time.

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