Wine and liquor

Although, that occupies a large winemaking niche global industry, often it is considered more, as art, than science. Production of the best wine until now depends on the skills of several professionals plant. Still, using quality equipment, A service supplied by Alfa, achieve quality production easier.

Our experts are ready to offer you a full range of services to expand, modernization and automation of your company in the production of grape, flavored, fruit and sparkling wine. Preparation of pre documents, Development of process flow diagrams and equipment delivery is our key kind of activity. The range of our services is to support the development of technical specifications, design, production of the necessary equipment, as the capacity to block the production of cold, modules carbonation, CIP modules, modular mixing units, etc.., supply of components, монтаж, commissioning, warranty, post warranty obligations and technical consulting staff.

For all stages of the winemaking company Alfa L Service offers both the supply of individual components and spare parts, and many technological turnkey solutions. In particular, We offer the following equipment:

  • Alfa Laval Viscoline тип Monotubе – shell and tube heat exchangers (tube in tube) cooling after heating mash, and all processes termovinifikatsii, providing uniform heating, cooling and pasteurization.
  • Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Foodec и Clara – decanters and separators for the clarification of wine, wine material and removal of sediment.
  • AlfaVap – evaporators to concentrate the wine must and other wine.
  • ALFATHERM и STERITHERM – Wine pasteurizers
  • Alfa Laval Astepo – packaging lines, ensure filling bag-in-box and bag in drum.

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