After-sales service

Servicing of equipment is one of the basic conditions for long-term and reliable operation of the machines.
Our engineers and technicians are taking full responsibility for the work with the equipment supplied to the installation, commissioning and start-up, and accompany him not only guarantee, but in the post-warranty period.
In the post-warranty period of our technicians go (by agreement with the client company) to conduct regular maintenance work. This service is not burdensome for the customer and allows you to avoid serious costs. We predict possible problems in the equipment and eliminate them before, as they hit the Budget Customer.
The company produces the development of projects of industrial enterprises, development of technological schemes, ensures that individual technical solutions of the customer, using its own production capacity and modern accessories, calculate and establish the technical documentation produced equipment.

Proper maintenance is one of the basic conditions for reliable and long-term equipment operation.
Specialists of Alfa L Service take full responsibility for their work and are glad to provide service even in the post-warranty period.Our post-warranty service agreement means regular monitoring and maintenance of your equipment just in time. This service, though being not burdensome, allows you to avoid serious costs which reduce significantly when possible problems are predicted and eliminated before they even occur.
Alfa L Service Company also provides food and dairy plants project development, technological drawings design, ensures that individual technical solutions of our customers are possible to be fulfilled, using its own production facilities and modern accessories. All the calculation and technical documentation are produced by our specialists respectively.

Equipment production together with its installation is done by professional welders and adjusters who are certified by the National Association of control and welding (NAKS) under license # GS-2-781-02-27-0-7841304120-009536-1.
In addition to developing and manufacturing equipment , our production site offers quick delivery. Thus, all our customers get qualified and promt support with a possibility of an unlimited warranty period.