Tank production

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Fermentation tank production is one of the core activities of Alfa L Service company. We offer turnkey service paying special attention to new technologies. Fermenters and other tanks are equipped with a whole set of additional systems for creating and maintaining conditions that are optimal for the product. Tanks of our production meet all the anticipated requirements.
Our fermentation tanks can be used for different products. Maintaining optimal parameters is made by a full pressure and temperature control with continuous mixing of the product (if required). Heating can be organized in several ways:

  • steam or hot water heating,
  • electric heating elements,
  • a combination of ways mentioned above.

In addition to this we equip our tanks with mixing solutions from world leading manufacturers such as Alfa Laval.

Features of our production capacities:

  • Any dimensions for standard size equipment available
  • Installing sensors from different manufacturers depending on customer demands.
  • Manufacturing tanks with mixers
  • Pressurized tank production
  • Production capacities for tanks of all hazard classes
  • High quality guarantee